September 18 2019 22:58:45
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Server Control » DF2 Server Control » Wish List
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...access of some sort. And maybe activate the random game type, I'd actually like to try that out in the Killzone.
sgtmudd wrote:
...activate the random game type, I'd actually like to try that out in the Killzone.

I did make a version that worked but unfortunately had a hard drive crash and lost all my source code. The Control we're using at present is old ALPHA code that I'm (slowly) re-adding things to, along with the GUI (our first control didn't have the graphical user interface at all).

But back to the request.. Game switching and Random Games is cool (really cool). But it's glitchy! I'll give some examples to clarify what I mean by 'glitchy'.

Let's say we're playing S&D and switch to Flagball mode. It works, it's fun. Problem is if you kill the flag carrier the flag disappears on the map screen. Not a big deal if the server is full of good players, but there's always some idiot who would grab the flag, run off 1000m, suicide and leave.

The other caveat is with Random Games. You only get the 'first map' of each gametype - unless one gametype comes up twice in a row. Like I said before, we did have this working perfectly a few years ago but that was on the Novalogic proprietary servers (non-CB) and I'm unsure if CheatBlocker would allow the ammount of data relocation necessary in order for the maps to be changed to make it 'worthy' of implementation.

Guess I'm just going to have to find out *sigh*.

sgtmudd wrote:
Remote access of some sort.

This had to come up sooner or later.

I did make some remote code for use when we ran the front page Black ops server early on, but after considering that cheats could work out how we were controlling the server (it was via basic ALT character code in team chat) I decided to take it out lest it was compromised. I started work on another remote which I'll mention later but we dropped our front page server before we ever used it.

After we went back to the standard 16 player servers we had no need for our 'own' remote due to our servers always being "CB Only" and as such ccserver offered us all the remote ability we ever required (and then some!).

I'm of the opinion ccserver is the premium remote tool. I also feel alot better thinking that the Server Control is used by servers who themselves have CheatBlocker installed. Of course with the issue between ccserver and 32 Player mode we're going to have to implement something. We actually have a few options available here.

1) Recode already existing remote software to work with our servers. The benefit of this would be for me because I wouldn't have to do a whole lot (haha). Unfortunately this 'easy-out' will introduce overhead which could equate to lag as far as overall gaming experience is concerned.

2) Add open text control that uses a secret and changeable code set by the server admin. When the server reads the code it then issues the directions (punt/ban/cycle, etc.) that the server official has typed in. This would be great as it means the official need not leave their game screen to issue commands. The caveat here being that it would be possible to spy on what is going on and work out how to control a server.

3) Use the message system I was toying with a couple years back. This would have the advantage of not being able to be spied upon, but would likely require the server admin to possess the nouse to open a port for the remote communication to function.

Thankfully most people are up to the task of setting their firewalls and routers these days so I guess I really should try to dig out the old code for the messaging system.

Ok, what if the random games was limited to lats say, tkoth, s&d and TDM game types? And in general, using radmin works fine, along w/ ccserver. Was just a thought Grin
I'll put in the Game Switcher code today.

Okay Game Switcher is done.

I'll update the online files later and you can give it a whirl.

Ok, great. I need to get over to my Father's though and open the ports, apparently just setting DMZ through the router isn't enough, since I can't access radmin or see the AA server at all...oh well, minor issue...
Does his public IP change if he resets the router?

Another thing to double-check when you have a PC in the DMZ on a local network is that you issue it a static IP on the LAN via the PC's Network Connections control. That way if the router is ever reset after a power failure, etc. it will issue the DMZ'ed local IP to the correct computer.

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