January 26 2020 02:48:37
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Server Control » DF2 Server Control » General Discussion
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Features List
Intuitive GUI

Everything is controllable from the graphical user interface.
"Click, set, and forget". We need a jingle!

Autostart and Recovery

DF2 Server Control will autorecover your server if it should sysdump unexpectedly for whatever reason. It will log the map in which any sysdump occurred so that you are better able to troubleshoot any possible map concerns.
It's easy to setup so that your game server will automatically start on Windows bootup (very handy if you ever suffer a power outtage).

Auto Flush

Autoflushes every 90 seconds to maximise gaming experience.

Auto Netdelay

It is always zero, but for peace of mind Netdelay set to 0ms is reported every 5 minutes or whenever someone requests a netdelay during gameplay.

Anti ci

Anti ci (connection interrupt) is imperative for gametypes in which players ci'ing can be devastating to everyone's gaming experience.
S&D, A&D, CTF, and FB games are especially prone to ci abuse.

Anti anti-ban

Some cheats have anti-ban. We have Anti anti-ban.

"Bad Key" Fix

No more "Bad Key Received From Server" messages after your server recovers from a sysdump or power outtage. Once players have your server stored in Favs they only ever need re-add it if the server IP changes.

Game switcher

Switch gametype on the fly. Random games are a blast!

Live Ban Editor

This function actually serves 2 purposes. Firstly, it records the server banlist so that even if your server suffers a sysdump, any bans that have been made during the current session are retained. Secondly, it allows you to edit your banlist 'on-the-fly' and apply it to the server; negating the need to shutdown and restart the server to reset an unwanted ban.

Auto Rules

Prints your rules 10 seconds before map starts (easily disabled)

Loads of 'On-the-fly' settings

* Server Name
* Game password
* Team passwords
* Time Limit
* Start Delay
* End Screen waiting period
* Maximum Player Limit
* Server Thread Priority

All can be changed without the need to close the server.

16 + Host

Allow 17 players to enter in CB Enabled Serve/Play mode.

32 Player Mode

To be precise you can host up to 64 players (just like the old Novaworld servers) but for the public release the upper limit will be restricted to 32 Players.

well i need some camera features, like focus, zoom, lens flare and other features of a real camera
Ive reinstalled TA some custom mappacks, but I cant find any working links for features for the maps. Does anyone know where the latest one is?
Wow So much standard features for what you pay I cant wait to see what the speed3 wheels will look like
I am not sure why your RPMs are up at 4k because with my 08 5-speed auto I am getting 3k at 120km/h. How fast are you going?
I have been seeing around the forum and while playing the game that you, the player, have some requests that you would like implemented into the game. Since the game is about you, it is essential to make you happy. To get an idea of what you want, I am going to keep an updated list.

Items that are added into the game will be written in bold.

Post your ideas and they will be added to the list. Please READ THE LIST before posting

More colors Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, and Green are the most requested

Friends list

Any cool ideas for games? Post those too

Offline features Games
-Can anyone think of other cool things that could be implemented for when the game is not on a network?

A chat log so conversations will not get lost.

Pm window moved to upper left of the screen so you can chat and pm window stays open

scrolling for pm window

music streaming from other apps like pandora or Internet radio letting music play over game

online or offline indicators on pm system

quick buttons on map for rooms like throne room,cave,or courtyard

Just wondered if there is a new features list for DDSPB4. I have bought the game since DDSPB2 and I just wondered what major changes had been made. I like the look of the new UI but to me it looks like the same screens from DDSPB3 presented a bit differently. Apart from the Shot Chart is there anything else new.

Is this a full price patch to fix the problems in DDSPB3 or is there loads of new stuff to convince me to buy the game as I was pretty disappointed in a few things in the last version.

Well ....
I agree that the last release was long ago, but i simply dont like to release unfinished stuff. Its taking right now so much time because Ive rewritten all the basic codeparts to be more flexible for further features and adjustments. Zvonko and me have spend and will spend really much time in this project, so just be patient

Im glad you understood what i mean by "macros."

So Geoff, is the a major feature you particularly want to work on for v0.5?
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